A Children’s Story by Catie

So today there were mashed potatoes in the caf, and they were delicious. I wanted to eat more, so I brought some back with me, but it was snowing outside, and I yelled “I don’t like snow on my mashed potatoes”. Then we got back to the room, and Abby took a shower, and I wrote this:

Sidney Tulanska lived in Alaska in a tiny small town by the sea
he’d look out the window and Sidney would hate what he’d see
Snow! Tons of snow!
There was snow all around
snow on the rooftops and snow on the ground
there was snow on the sidewalks, on driveways and cars
and the poofy grey snow clouds would cover the stars.

Sidney said nothing and bided his time
but while he was biding the snow started to climb
higher and higher till it covered the brush
and the streets and the sidewalks were covered with slush
the snow blew and drifted and covered the trees
and made snowy patterns in the cold winter breeze

Sidney was fed up! He had had just enough
and when he woke up his kitchen was filled with the stuff!
The windows had opened while it snowed through the night
and the snow covered his kitchen all the way to the lights.

There was snow on the counters and snow on the chairs
Snow in the the freezer and snow in his hair.
There was snow in the fork drawer and snow filled the pots
There was snow over everything! Snow! Lots and lots!

Now try to imagine how Sidney must feel
having to wear snow shoes to eat the noon meal
Having to shovel to get to the fridge
and constantly asking where your white kitty is

Sidney was mad and he started to pout
then suddenly Sidney cried “Hey!” with a shout.
“I dont like snow in my mashed potatoes
and I dont like snow with my ham
I’m tired of snow in my hair and my toes
I just want to get out and see sand!

So Sidney Tulanska moved to Hawaii where the beaches are sunny and hot
and where ever he went he was always reminded the one thing alaska had not:
Sand! Tons of Sand!
There was sand all around
sand on the rocks and the trees
sand that was carried hot tropic breezes
and sand underneath Sidney’s knees
sand in the carpet and sand on the beach
and there was sand in places that sid couldn’t reach.

One day Sidney was walking and he stubbed his toe
and as he looked down he found himself missing snow
Sidney missed the cold breezes and warm winter fires
he missed putting great big chains on his tires
he missed making snow men and snow ball and forts
He missed drinking cocoa bundled up on the porch
he missed slippy sliding around on the ice
and so Sidney though a trip would be nice

So Sidney Tulanska moved back to Alaska
and made only one small remark
“Sand and sun are fun for some
but some of us have snow in our hearts”

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