A Column About Abby (Published Feb. 2007)

College is all about meeting people and sharing new experiences. And this year, I got really lucky. Through a series of random and lucky events, I met my roommate Abby.
Abby is a…special person.  Tiny, incredibly talented and  a fiery Irish red-head, she is one of the craziest and most random people I’ve ever met. And that’s why I love her.
We’ve been on many adventures together–it just so happens that we share an obsession with Steak N Shake and Village Inn, so many a night we’ve traveled in the Catiemobile or the Abbymobile..(it actually has another name, but we’ve decided it’s not printable here) in search of shakes or pancakes.
I’ve heard tales of people with consistently perky roommates…this may be true of Abby, but one thing I’m grateful for is that we are both not morning people. Our morning routine consists of Abby’s evil cell phone alarm going off at least three times before I shoot her with a nerf gun to make her wake up. Eventually, we mosey on down to the cafeteria and stare at each other over our cereal until one of us sighs and attempts to move. And her newest habit of waking me up by yelling Dane Cook sketches at me is pretty effective…just don’t tell her I told you that.
Abby has also taught me about the glory that is ramen noodles , which are very important for a college student. Her taste in music has  also started to rub off on me. My Ipod is in danger of being maxed out with  random indie bands…but I was quite excited to learn that we both think emo kids are hilarious.
Abby is famous for her  persistent optimism…she even has a “wall of dreams”…a huge list of her life’s goals that she’s meticulously printed on index cards and coded to know if she’s completed yet.
She is currently braving the highest bunk in Cosgrove hall and has assisted in the “great fish rescue” of 2007. Nurbler and Alfred are living quite happily together on Abby’s desk. (Tar Tar Lord of the Underworld would probably eat them…so I let Abby take care of the goldfishes.)
And I’m sure some of you who know me are a little concerned with our living situation. But it’s okay…Abby’s messy too. Not as messy as me, but as our door says “it’s not that we’re messy, it’s just that we do theatre”. In fact, our room is sort of famous…if you need anything random, anything sewn, a rare movie or soundtrack, you hit up our room. We even entered our room in the school’s messiest room contest….we plan on dominating.
I’ve also found myself getting into what I call “Abby Habits”: for instance, her obsession with polka-dots and Dale Earnhardt Jr. lets me spot any product with either on them from over 50 feet away. And I’ve also developed a horrible case of music ADD thanks to Abby…I can’t listen to any song on my Ipod for more than about 45 seconds without having the sudden urge to change songs.
All in all, I have to say that Abby is one high quality roommate. She’s hilarious, crazy, and also just a really good friend. Last week she drove all the way home to get a DVD for me because I was in a bad mood and wanted to cheer me up. And she didn’t even get mad when I bought  a sofa for our room that didn’t exactly fit….

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