A Column About College

So after completing my first full week of “real” college, I suppose some of my more regular readers (read: my mom) would like to know how I’m doing. The answer is fantastic. Really!  College is all I expected it to be. Of course, the only research I did was watching the movie “Animal House”, so I guess I can only go up from there.
But outside of the hallowed halls of learning, there are larger, more important life lessons that are being taught on a daily (make that nightly) basis. Take for instance, the George Foreman grill. Invented by the gods, and passed down through the ages unto us, the lowly college student. They tell you it’s for cooking things, but it can be used for much more. A short list: a clothes dryer, an iron, a space heater, and a waffle maker (if you don’t mind having sideways lines).
And this is my first time in a dorm room as well! It’s working out pretty well. I have the lofted bed, which means I get to perform an aerial ballet every time I feel like sleeping. And I found out it hurts pretty bad if you fall out. And the on-campus nurse thinks it’s hilarious as well, which makes it fun when you’re asking for crutches.
On top of all this, I’m learning to manage a schedule. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I have about four hours in between classes, so there’s a lot of time to get important things done. Like watching The Price is Right. Or CSI, Law and Order (insert your favorite alphabet letters here), or Spike Lee movies. Because it does not matter what time of day it is. Those shows will be on. And two out of the three will be repeats that you’ve already seen, but you don’t care! You’ve got four hours to kill, and the ten page paper can wait.
Managing a schedule also means knowing your cafeteria hours, something I have not yet managed. See, the cafeteria is a magical place where the food never runs out and there are always real Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisps available to be part of your balanced breakfast. Which consists of two bowls of Lucky Charms and a bowl of ice cream, just like on TV.
(I’ve also learned that cafeteria does not have two “f”s, something I honestly did not know until I started writing this column. Not that I write for the paper or anything.) But you only get this food if you know when it’s open. Nothing like coming back from the library dying of hunger to find the doors locked. Luckily, I’ve learned the skills of the grilled cheese sandwich on the George Foreman grill.
College is very different, but I think I’m gonna like it. Where else can a slip-n-slide mysteriously appear in the hallway overnight? Where else can you find yourself on stage with a stand-up comedian or watching a fireworks show from the library? Where else can you meet tons of fun people from all over the….Midwest? (So our foreign student to farmer ratio isn’t exactly huge.)
College is going to be a lot of fun. And I can’t wait to be a part of it–after I figure out when dinner is.
Stay tuned for my next installment: Fun at Theatre Movement class

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