Being a Princess (published 1/2007)

So, being a college student has recently started leaving me strapped for cash. There’s the little things in life that one realizes that they need to pay for…such as food. So, over winter break I started a business. And what a fantastic business it is, too. Really! I’m now the proud manager of “Princess Parties By Catie. Seriously.
See, it finally occurred to me while working at my mom and dad’s office.  My good buddy Autumn, who works up at the front was discussing her daughter’s birthday party, and how it was themed for the Little Mermaid. I jokingly suggested that I should dress up like the Little Mermaid and show up. Then it clicked.
This was a viable career opportunity!
Not only do I get to work with little kids, which I love, I have a legitimate excuse to play dress up. Combine that with the fact that I got a sewing machine for my birthday and it is perfect. (Although I did get a few strange looks carrying my supply of costumes up to my dorm room….I guess a Dorothy jumper isn’t as in fashion as it used to be…).
At this point, I’ve started making costumes to have on hand when people call and book parties. I’ve  even started to make friends with the nice ladies at the fabric store. The best moment was when I explained why I needed the Civil-War recreation pattern for a Disney Princess costume. And that I had never really sewn before. Or ever used a pattern before…
And the girls on my floor are starting to get used to seeing me waltz up and down the hall dressed like Belle, or stopping them and asking them to check and see if my hemline is straight.  But the kicker came when I forced my friend Beth to be my “body double” and try on my newest costume so I could see it on someone. Let’s just say that Beth is not exactly the type to dress up like a princess….
So far, it’s been a pretty good deal. I’ve booked a few parties and business is getting bigger. This really is the perfect job for a theatre major: Costumes, make-up, acting, an extremely receptive audience of hyper 4 year-olds….and plus, I get to play dress up for about 5 hours.  And I’ve found that little kids don’t really care what you look like, it’s all in the attitude…which is sort of deep, when you think about it.
It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure, but I am loving the work. It is awesome to walk into a room and be bombarded by 40 kids. It’s also tons of fun to make the shy kid in the corner come out of her shell, or making a little kid feel like a princess for the day.
Plus, now I have a legitimate reason to start watching Disney movies again.
Shameless plug: Check out if you want more information.

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