My Re-occuring dream

It’s one of those dreams you keep having and even in the middle of your dream you know “this is going to be scary” The entire dream is like a movie played out in my head. There’s a narrorater who sounds like the guy who does the voice overs for movie ads and his name is Jim. I don’t know why I know that but I do.
It starts out with a view of a simple blue farmhouse somewhere .All the windows and doors are boarded up and there is a big huge fence around the property. The ‘camera???’ pulls up and shows the full house while  Jim  explains that in the olden days, an evil witch lived there. The ‘scene’ goes into flashback and it shows the evil witch casting spells on people. Then a bunch of people come with pitchforks and stuff  and set her house on fire, with her in it. Jim explains that her spirit is trapped within the house and that’s why it’s boarded up. If anyone ever left one window open a centimeter, her spirit could escape and do evil all over, but her spirit can only be released at night..
The the scence changes to a beautiful spring morning, present day. A group of archeologists are trying to learn about all the different things that happened in the town, and they hear about this old, old house that has been boarded up since the day of this fire. But the weird thing was is that the house is perfect. No burn damage at all. The legend says that the house repaired itself useing the evil power of the witch. One of the young archeologists figure out that if this is true, the house will still have everything in it that a 15th century farm house would—exactly set up in a perfect example of living. So they decide to check it out.
They go into the house and check it out. Jim explains that they spent the entireday there. You see images of the stuff in the house–a butterchurn, a old table, candles, weird skulls and things…but the wierd thing is is that everything is perfectly clean. it’s like someone is still living there. One of the archeologists thinks that’s really creepy, so they decide to leave.
By this time, it’s night. You see them leave, and Jim takes over again. He then starts talking about how everything is back to normal and that the witch is securly contained. Then the “camera” pans over to a window open slightly. A cool breeze is blowing the lace curtains around inside. and then Jim says “Or is she?”. Then an ungodly shreiking fills the air and I wake up. Odd.

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