Terrible Screenplay Idea

Scene 1: Airplane Hangar. In foreground, a giant, half-built airplane looms up out of the half-shadowed bunker. Camera flies up and over the airplane, showing the construction progress. Camera moves down and around to the other side of
the plane, where a news reporter is filming against the giant wing of the plane.

Reporter: I’m standing here in front of the nearly completed Boeing 17-68, the largest and most complex plane ever constructed for international use. With only 3 weeks to go untill it’s maiden voyage, many critics of this multi-billion dollar project
say that it will an impossibility to complete this project on time.

Camera pulls back to reveal the scene on a flat-screen panel in a lush office.

Reporter: The plane is being called the “peace plane” by many. In a historical precedent, the Boeing company has invited over 50 world leaders and dignitaries from various countries to hold an international peace conference on board during the flight. Only 36 have accepted this invitation as of yet, but critics are already concerned about the type of security required to —

Scene 2: Office The screen goes black. Camera pans 360 to reveal a man sitting at his desk, phone on his shoulder and remote in hand. He is not happy.

Man: No. I told you at least three times that we needed —- I understand there are certain issues that can— yes.. No. Look. This is time sensitive material. I want it tonight. Be there at eleven or not at all.

He slams down phone, and yanks open a drawer. Inside, we can see blueprints, newspaper clippings and photographs. He reaches through the assortment and pulls out a box. It is a small, “security” box lined with eggshell foam with a tiny cut-out, about the size of a postage stamp. He clips it shut, and stands. He takes out another, almost identical box from another drawer and opens this. Inside is a gun. He removes it and hides it in his coat, and leaves the office.

Scene 3: Night. A Starbucks. The man is sitting at a table, enjoying an overpriced coffee delight. He is on his cell phone, talking in low tones.

Man: (on cell). Yes. That’s correct. I should have it in my possesion in—

He looks up as the door opens. A shifty looking guy in skeezy clothes enters. This is Jay. He has obviously noticed the man, but is trying to play it cool. He meanders up to the counter, and the man quickly ends his call, and watches Jay as he recieves his drink. Jay stands akwardly, realizing that he’s going to have to interact with the man, but he doesn’t want to. The man quickly intervenes. He stands.

Man: Good to see you.

He (not that gently) steers the guy to his table.

Man: I assume you brought the mercahndise?

Jay: Mercahndise? What is this…the Godfather? Why don’t you just say the chip?

Jay smirks. He rumages through his knapsack and holds up a thermos. He shakes it, and a rattle from the inside assures him that chip is inside.

Man: So you want to be cute. Let me ask you—do you enjoy your kneecap?

Camera pans to the underside of the table, where we see that the man has placed his gun point-blank against Jay’s leg.

Jay: Oh…now what are you gonna do? Shoot me? Right here in Starbucks. Why, I expected more than that. Besides..you want to keep me mobile…I might just slip…and the chip might just happen to fall into a sewer grate or something.

Man: That would be tragic. Especially because that chip is worth more to me than your pathetic existence. I’ve got your check. Take it and go.

From under the table, the sound of a cocking gun can be heard. Jay, however, shows no fear.

Jay: Why you gotta threaten me all the time, man? I’m just trying to do my job, and you’re always all up in my grill, trying to scare me. Why you gotta be like that?

The man slams an envelope down onto the table. Jay delicately slides it accross, and obviously yet delicately opens it and checks the amount. He looks up sharply

Jay: I thought you said three—

Man: I had to take off a smart-ass tax. I hope you understand.

Jay is pissed

Jay: I’m sorry, too, man.

Jay slowly removes the thermos from his backpack, and unscrews the top. He overturns it, and the chip slides out onto the table. He then takes his coffee and goes to dump it onto the chip, but before he can, the sound of a silenced gun is heard and Jay screams. The man slides the chip off of the table and into his pocket as Jay continues to scream. The camera pans down to the floor, where his shoes walk through the blood and around the feet of the concerned patrons.

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