My First Column From England

Well… I made it!

After  months of waiting and planning, I am in England. Hopefully you didn’t miss me too much. England is fantastic, and filled with very nice people.  I think. I still haven’t worked out some of the terminology around here, so I might be getting insulted, but when it’s in such a charming accent, I don’t really mind either way.

 On my first day here, we heard gunshots.  Our tour guide explained that we had nothing to worry about, and that it was just the farmers scaring off birds from the fields. She then told us that Ormskirk, the town I am staying in, has the lowest crime rate of any English city. However, if anyone wants to stab anyone with plastic knives, I can tell you exactly where to find them.

I never thought unpacking would involve so much effort. Around our house, the biggest problem was hangers. No one in town sold hangers, and no one had thought to pack them.  Enter Catie. We were on a trip to Wales (which was awesome as well), and we, being the girls of the group, stopped at a store  to shop for important historical artifacts. Meaning we wanted new purses . The lady at the counter was delighted by  my accent (It’s so cool to be the one with the funny accent) and we struck up a conversation about how we had just arrived and were still unpacking. Then she popped into the back and came out with a GIANT bag of hangers and told me to take them, as she wasn’t using them.  So I lugged 20 pounds of hangers around Wales for the day, but in the end, we all got our hangers.  I am a hero.

I’ve met some amazing people already, and the American students I am on the program with all deserve to have columns of their own. Never before have I been exposed to such varied personalities, backgrounds and cultural differences, but we are already one big family… a family who just happens to visit the local pub more than twice a day. Just kidding, Mom.  

There are some interesting cultural differences. Lemonade has carbonation, spell check keeps telling me I’ve spelled things wrong,  cars tend to keep having to swerve to avoid me (look RIGHT first!!) and the “@” symbol is reversed with the quotation marks on the keyboard. Somehow though, I think I will survive.

There have been some major issues with getting access to the internet, but it’s all sorted out now and I will continue writing for as long as the paper is willing to put up with me.  I do have a new website as well, which is a travel blog where you can keep updated on my adventures in England. Find it at


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