17 Reasons Why You Should Worship Lord Voldemort as Your Lord and Savior

1. He was the son of a poor man who overcame his humble roots and rose to power.
2. He gathered together a group of people who acted as messengers of his word.
3. He was able to physically manifest himself in inanimate objects.
4. People tend to do crazy things under the influence of his written word.
5. His followers had a secret symbol to identify themselves.
6. He brought a message of change that spoke to people.
7. He believed in being pure…
8. He had an animal shaped ghost following him around.
9. He had conversations with snakes.
10. He came from a royal house.
11. He rose from the motherfucking dead.
12. He smote those who went against his word.
13. He began his rise to power by coming out of water.
14. To this day, some people do not say his real name.
15. he was born at the very end of December.
16. He came to conquer death.
17. He claimed to be equal with God.


Think about it.

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