The (crappy) Rug Poem

This was going somewhere, but I lost it. I’m trying to write more, so suck it.


I bought you a rug
to cover the hardwood of the entry
because it was getting scuffed and scarred and walked all over
and I knew how it felt

I laid it out
gently and taped it down
so as to let it settle right
like my mom would say

and you came home
and you noticed
and I pretended like it was no big deal
but I didn’t tell you
was that that rug
represented the last 20 dollars in my bank account
but I wanted you to have it
because that’s how I show you
everything you must already know
by offering you everything I have
like a little kid with crumpled dandelions in her fist
shyly scuffing her feet
over a plain brown rug


Lesson: stick to slam.

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