A new poem!

I keep watching poems
written by poets better than me
poets better than I’ll ever be
and wanting to write you one giant poem made from every great line and even the shitty ones
and then being too embarrassed to ever show you
or mention casually in passing that I wrote a poem that covered half the kitchen before I painted it the color of your voice
because if you knew how hard I feel
how much I feel
how every moment of every day is a blur of color and of sound
that I swim to get through just to get to you
how I navigate channels of blues and greens and tread through browns and golds and grays like last night’s sudden snowstorm weather
weathering the radios and billboards and wondering if I know my lines
just to get home to hear the sound of your keys falling on the table
in a firework of orange and lime from the misaligned signals in my mind
and knowing that as they fall, you’re home and I’ve got another day to be
so completely in love with you
I think it might weird you out a little.

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