I live a random life. Things happen, things don’t, I roll with either, but one of the biggest excitements of my day is checking my email. Which is ridiculous, because it’s really one of the most mundane things in the world: skim, delete spam, respond to the one email that was actually intended for you…

The thing is, recently, I have discovered that it seems like my email knows exactly when I am the most discouraged and tries to make up for it.Today, for instance, was an email from Edge Hill University, where I spent some of the best months of my life, wanting to know if I am still interested about arranging a visit to come talk about poetry.

Secondly, there was a beautifully written blog post by my dear friend Val…antonia… about her wonderful adventure in Amsterdam. If you haven’t read her blog, you really should follow it,  she’s a fantastic photographer as well.

Her blog is here: http://myosotisscorpioides.wordpress.com/

It’s so strange, as I had just been discussing MY adventure in Amsterdam a few days ago…and it’s comforting to know that across an ocean, one of my really amazing friends is getting to experience the same things I did and being inspired in maybe a little bit of the same way. (Although I’m willing to bet she will be better at avoiding bicycles than I).

I love it.

Rehearsal kicked ass last night, but that is an entirely different entry. Also, (sneak peak) The Dispatch/Argus will be doing at story on Titus soon, and I’ve  their idea for a photo, and it may be the greatest thing I will ever post on this site. We’re taking it tonight so we will see how it turns out.




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