10 Observed Truths About Playing Lavinia In Titus Andronicus

1. You will get blood on everything you own, regardless of whether or not it ever actually appears in the show.This includes weird things like shoe laces and bobby pins. Everything should be bought in at least triplicate. Buy extra towels (and make sure they’re dark enough to hide blood stains). 

2. There will be at least one audience member who looks away at the sight of blood and it will be really hard not to fuck with that person later on. 

3. There will also be at least one audience member who laughs uncomfortably during highly dramatic moments. 

4. Sometimes, thunderstorms show up at exactly the right moment to make an already incredible scene nigh on perfect.

5. Afternoon matinees happen.

6. There comes a point where you will start to wonder if you actually do still have hands, and when you finally take off your stumps, there will be a five to ten minute mental adjustment in which you shouldn’t attempt to hold anything.

7. There may come a point where you forget that the people on stage with you aren’t actually your family.

8. Don’t freak out when you suddenly can’t remember your lines in Act 3 and run backstage in a panic to look in your script. You don’t have any lines. 

9. You will be sticky. All the time. You will wake up sticky, you will go to bed sticky and you will spend the in between times trying to figure out why it just keeps happening.

10. There are scrapes and bruises and then there are Act 2 Scene 3 bruises and scrapes. They just FEEL more bad-ass.

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