First Time Memories

On Friday, a bunch of people I work with came to see the show, which I thought was really cool of them. I haven’t been working in my office very long, but they still made the effort to see my show, and that meant a lot to me.

Today, one of the guys who came to see the show told me that his wife REALLY  liked the show– and that she had never been to a play before, ever. Apparently, she liked it so much that she’s basically been raving about the show all weekend, and even more, she asked him to ask me what shows are coming up next– because she wants to come back and is excited to see more theatre.

On top of all of that, two other people in that same group told me that they signed up for acting lessons this weekend– because (and I quote) “they’d like to have a shot at being a Prenzie Player some day”.

That, my friends….is success.

When I was still in high school, I came to see the Prenzie Player’s production of “Othello”. I wish that I had more concrete memories of the show– I only remember Othello talking to me in the audience, thinking it was incredible that the Prenzies were using BDU’s to represent members of the millitary and that Maggie was really awesome.

What I do remember, more than anything else, was the feeling I had at the end of the show. I was so excited to see theatre that wasn’t stiff and dry and boring. I had been moved, I’d been scared and sad and excited and I even vaguely knew what the actors were saying— and I remember,very specifically, that I turned to my mom and said “I want to work with these people”.

And now, I do.

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