Acting (Like A Director)

I suppose this entry marks the beginning of my latest show-blogging adventure. It’s funny because I still feel like I have so much to say about the LAST show, but I’m excited because this time around, I’m the director.

Last night I had this strange and sudden revelation that I will have to memorize exactly no lines for Complete Works.

Which is awesome. –However, for some reason because of that thought, getting into the mindset of “holy crap, I’m directing this time” is eluding me.

Sure, I’ve been planning auditions and copying sides and forms and answering emails, but I still feel like at some point, some wise and older person is going to step in and say “That was really great, sweetie, but I think I’ll take it from here”.

Which is WEIRD, because I’ve directed before. I’ve directed HIGH SCHOOLERS before. Upwards of 45 of them at the same time. And I had that on lock.

This is a show with 3 grown men and maybe a 4th if someone really impresses me, so what’s the issue?

I figured it out, and I think that it’s because part of me feels like directing a play is like being a silent member of the cast that never gets to actually play. And I like to play! Playing is the fun part!

However, I suppose it’s a fair trade. I get to see my vision realized and then sit in the back and take a nap. Win. I’m already drunk with power. The power to make copies and make spreadsheets. (Directing is so glamorous, who knew?)

I’m excited for auditions as well. I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people I don’t know inquiring about auditions, so that’s exciting. On top of that, I’m excited to see what takes the actors I already know bring to the roles.

With this show, it’s kind of tricky– actors playing themselves as actors– so casting is going to be really interesting. Auditions are Thursday, so we shall see.

Director Catie, out.

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