Directed Directing

I have thoroughly neglected this lately. It’s because I’m directing. 

I like directing. 

It’s like an 8-week intensive in parenting, organization, strategic marketing, engineering, finance and design, and that’s even before I walk into rehearsal.

I’ve directed before, and I’ve always felt pretty good about what I put on stage, but it’s weird directing my friends. And my boyfriend. That’s kind of weird. Which is funny because he JUST got done acting as my director, so I suppose that I really shouldn’t complain all that much. 

The show is going well. It’s a huge contrast from the last show, so its been a nice change of pace to get to research the best recipe for pie-in-the-face as opposed to like, mutilation and rape. The rushed process has also been a blessing in disguise. Normally, I agonize, but this show has forced me to make decisions quickly, so I feel like I’ve grown a little in that department.

We are still missing some key props and costumes, but the show is a week away so I am totally confident that everything will come together. It’s actually kind of fun having to keep track of stuff like that– normally, as the stage manager/actor, I just have to know what I need or what the director tells me to write down, but now, I have to know what everyone needs– and realize that they need something before they do. 

It’s also helping me deal with my pet peeves. I have a lot of them, I know this, so it’s been good to step back and say “hey, it’s totally okay that this thing happened. Now we just deal with it and move on”. I guess being the person in charge does that to you. I’m still bad at delegating, but I’m working on it. Slowly. 

Tomorrow at rehearsal we are going to have a big talk about a lot of the show– our Artistic Director came to see the show today and he gave me some great stuff to think about, so I am excited to see how his feedback will improve the show. And the best part? If all of his ideas suck, I’m the director, we don’t have to use them :). I’m drunk with power already. Or that might be left over from the bachelorette party I went to this weekend. Ouch. 

I also got some news today that I’m not sure what to do with. Apparently, I just came into a little bit of money. It has been specified that I’m supposed to spend it on education, and with the scholarship I have coming to me and this money, I could totally afford to go to the grad school of my dreams. 

Have you ever had a moment where you’re doing something you love and you’re passionate about it, and it occurs to you that it just feels “right?” That’s what I feel like when I think about this grad program. Yeah, going away for a year is scary, but it’s something that I think I need to do. 

We went to go see Timon of Athens (who knew, it IS Tie-mon, not Tim-on) at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre this week as a break from Complete Works, and I had this picture of preparing backstage to perform and it made me smile so much I was embarrassed. 

Next up, after this, is Antigone. I’m a little nervous. I know exactly, literally down to the shoelaces, what I want Antigone to be, but I’m not sure how my vision is going to translate to the stage. We’re going to need a lot of sand. 

But for now, my focus (however limited it may be) is on Complete Works. 

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