I miss writing.

There was a goodly portion of time a couple of years ago when I was able to (honestly) respond to queries of my employ “I’m a writer”. Even better, there was a portion of time when I was able to snarkily reply “I write in-game content for video games and an online comic book”.

It was the truth.

For a good while, I was picking up jobs via an online freelance site, and one of the coolest gigs I ever scored was with a Colorado based video game company that was started by a guy who, basically, got fed up with his corporate life style and said fuck it, I’ll make video games. While I was working for them, I wrote comic books, game content, character dialogue and, most notably, a ridiculously complicated series of sidequests.

Then, like so many things, it ended, and aside from a couple of killer stories, I was done with the game gig. I’ve had a few small jobs since then, but that one will always be my favorite.

But lately, I’m starting to miss that. I miss having deadlines and being able to look someone in the eye and say “I’m a writer”. I still pull out the “I write comics” at bars,because I mean, c’mon, that’s awesome and it makes a lot of friends, but aside from this blog, I don’t write much.

And that’s kind of sad.


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