A Small Rant About Non-Traditional Hair Colors. (That most of you have heard before).


My name is Catie Osborn.

I graduated high school with a (nearly) perfect GPA and got a (nearly) perfect score on my ACT.

I’ve volunteer thousands of hours of community service and actively work in my community to build an awareness of the arts for both adults and children.

I graduated college and followed my passion as a Shakespearean actress and now I help to run one of the most successful theatre companies in the Quad Cities. My idea for a College Night initiative to bring new and younger audiences to our shows reached about 1,500 people last season and brought 300 something new audience members to the company.

In my life, I’ve conquered a debilitating medical illness and spent years kicking one hell of an eating disorder—and succeeded. Since then, I’ve been able to teach hundreds of kids about theatre, poetry and the importance creativity and self-esteem.

I’ve performed my poetry at the Kennedy Center and for thousands of people around the country. People pay me to do this.

I’m also an excellent cook. My chocolate chip cookies paid for a semester of textbooks and my basil sorbet (with caramel glazed pineapple) once one a national cooking contest.

I was a published author at 15 and have received commendations from the Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois legislature and the current Governor for my contributions as a citizen of the Quad cities and Illinois. My adaptation of Oedipus Rex and a number of my one act plays have won regional and national awards.

I’ve been in the paper more times than I can count for successes. My name has never once been listed under the “DUI” or “Arrests” section.

I have an amazing set of friends, am in an incredible relationship and consider myself to be incredibly lucky for the blessings I have received in my life.

Oh. And sometimes, because for no other reason than I simply enjoy it, I have blue hair.

So accusing me of being an ignorant hooligan or a troublemaker or assuming that my intention is to steal from you is entirely incorrect.

Just saying.







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