Halloween Soul-Ownage and the Crushing Disappointment of DIY

Jake loves Halloween.

Like, loves it. Halloween to Jake is what Christmas is to most people, that special, only-comes-once-a-year, wait all year long, start decorating on the first of the month, holiday music for the whole month type of love.

And I love it.

Growing up, we celebrated, but we never went all out, so being in a relationship with someone that is willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to hang severed heads in the lawn in a non-serial killer sort of way is really awesome.

However, the level of soul-owning that goes into the level of decorating we put in is pretty crazy, especially between a broken foot, a show and two jobs.

But we usually triumph pretty hard.

This year, however, things went…shall we say…awry, at least in terms of my costume.
After working on my costume for the better part of the month of October, things fell apart. Literally.

So that means that I will be wearing a replacement costume this Saturday. I’m pretty bummed about the loss of my epic costume, but I’m just going to save it for next year, when I will hopefully have the time to put it together more solidly.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really have a cohesive blog entry right now because  I just drank a lot of coffee and I thought that writing a blog entry might allay the wicked case of coffee jitters I have right now.

Turns out it didn’t.


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