Holy s**t, I’m directing a f*****g play.

Some days, I go about my normal everyday life and for a brief time, forgot about that whole “theatre” thing. Some days, I’m just boring Catie, designing brochures and then spending the rest of the night on Reddit. Not that I don’t do that anyway, but that’s beside the point.

Today, I woke up and realized that a week from today, I’m going to have a cast. And maybe a crew. And that…will be that. The pendulum will have swung over to the other side and so will have begun my show.
I also realized something. I am so excited. Like, so excited.

AND, not only do I get to do Antigone, but we’re bringing Complete Works back.

You realize what this means, right?

Bonus show.

That’s it. that’s all I wanted to say. I’m going back to Pinterest now.

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