Life Advice to a 15 Year Old

Tonight, my long lost new sister asked me about life. Well, kind of. She asked me about how I, as an adult, handle the struggles of life.
Which I had to take with a small grain of salt, as her biggest life struggle to date has been whether or not she failed her chemistry test that day or who is speaking to who in the cafeteria…but I realize that I’m meeting her at a perfect age– I’m old enough to know better but young enough to remember exactly how high school felt.

And I realized, I didn’t really have an answer so much as a belief, which isn’t really useful when you’re 15 and you just want someone to tell you that eventually, life works out. And I think it does, but it’s….more complicated than that.

It’s been awhile since I wrote, and a lot has gone down. Some of it is great. Some of it sucks. And it kind of puts it in perspective, talking to a 15 year old about it.

And with all of that, all of the shit and all of the good stuff, and all of the amazing stuff that remains a constant, this is what I told her. I don’t know if it’s right, but it’s where I’m at with the world right now.

There are days that will suck ass–hard. Hard, stank ass with maybe a little sticky poop left on it, and you’ll be sitting there, sucking on that hairy butt, but then, there will be other days that are just…days. Nothing particularly good happens, nor nothing particularly bad–they’re like the special K of days–there’s no like, sweet awesome frosting and no extra crunch berries–just a day.

Then there are good days, where some nice stuff happens to you and maybe you eat a nice dinner or run into a friend.

But then there are amazing days where maybe every other part of the day was spent sucking ass and then something happens. And it can be you know, the greatest chocolate cake of your life or as small as seeing someone do something extraordinary for a stranger or maybe noticing something beautiful in the middle of a disgusting alley– but you notice.
And that’s what makes the day extraordinary.

Here’s the catch though: The only way to find extraordinary days is to be constantly looking for that one thing that will make a regular day extraordinary. Because if you’re too focused on the hairy butt you’re sucking on, you will never notice anything but the hairy butt, not the world around it– and slowly, but surely, your life will become solely butt sucking because you’ve never taken a moment to look for something extraordinary

 so it’s up to you.

I figure you can either sit around and complain about the hairy butts of days or you can get excited, because maybe you looked and looked and you know? it was just a butt sucking day. But tomorrow— tomorrow is always full of the possibility that every moment might be extraordinary.

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