Who is Rey?

So The Force Awakens ~finally~ came out. In celebration of this, and because I have woefully neglected my blog this break, I decided the best possible tribute would be to write down my crappy fan theory about Rey.

Obviously, this entry contains spoilers, so I would stop reading now if you are still needing to be kept spoiler free.
You’ve been warned.

One of the BIGGEST questions being discussed right now is just who exactly Rey is.

Lots of people think she’s Luke’s daughter. I am here to tell you, you’re wrong.

While I suppose it COULD be possible, narratively, it would create a situation in which Luke is training his own daughter, who he…for some reason…abandoned on Jakku…and forgot about…and also never told any of his other friends about her…

That narrative is weak. It’s also just shitty writing. Sorry, everyone else in the galaxy, only people directly related to Luke Skywalker and his friends can be interesting characters.

So my theory was developed in the car on the ride home. It is, partly, Chris’s idea as well, but the hypotheticals and implications are mine.

What if Rey is Snoake’s granddaughter?

Lots of people on the internet are currently theorizing that it is possible that Snoake is Darth Plagueis, and if you add THAT into the equation, it becomes an even more interesting dynamic.

They established in the originals that SUPPOSEDLY, Palpatine’s master had figured out immortality using the force. Looking at Snoake, it’s clear that he’s suffered massively catastrophic wounds, but he’s still alive.

So if Snoake is actually Plagueis in disguse/hiding, and he had a kid who wasn’t Force sensitive (Luke generation) and was a huge disappointment to him, then that kid had a kid (Rey), and Snoake, like, finds out that she’s massively Force sensitive and tries to take her, but his son (we’ll say for the sake of argument) either dies or sends her off with Aunt and Uncle Dursely and they dump her on Jakku, it would make sense that the whole movie Snoake kept asking about her/trying to figure out who she was.

It also answers the question of how Snoake would have established himself as Supreme Leader that quickly. If he’s been lurking around since before the Death Star and helped Palpatine rise to power, that gives him a pretty fantastic backstory and motivation to want to get back at the Rebellion.

Then, when Rey revealed herself to be hypothetically more force-powerful than Kylo Ren, Snoake got SUPER interested because he has a shot to find her again and train her in the dark side.

It also makes Rey’s relationship with Kylo Ren really interesting because he obviously is trying to please Snoake, and it opens him up for the possibility of a proto-sibling rivalry type thing with Rey where he eventually gets really pissed at Snoake for being so focused on finding her instead of Kylo’s training.

THEN that also means that if if Luke is training Rey, then his padawan is descended from the line that trained Palpatine, which could cause all sorts of interesting internal struggles and conflicts in Luke about repeating history (see: Vader).

The ultimate showdown will (probably) involve Luke, Rey, Kylo and….someone for Luke to fight. So what if Luke is pitted against Rey’s grandfather who is also one of the most powerful Sith lords in the galaxy? How will Luke respond to the profound call of the Dark Side?


Sorry, I’ll stop now.

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