Fun With Dosages of Cough Medicine

Unseeing non prophets (profits) spout (sport)
Untrue untruths
Oh the ties that bind
Us (US)
Pestilence famine rage great glorious
Majesties (testes) profit sharing
Madhouses, wrecks
Butter and tryptophan and mercury
Lotus (lettuce) leaves (let us leave)
In marzipan boxes
Perseverance, the heart of
Manhattan (never minds) never mind
The boatswain
Or Botswana
The iceberg is still right
Ahead (right ahead, still) (right right ahead) (still?) (still ahead , right.) (still ahead, right?) (still ahead right.)
Fleeting opinions, make them (first)
First: impressions are important (but not)
But not as important as deathbed
Connotations (conversations)
(make them)    and they are gone (they)
These aerosol inhalants
If my body is ozone (then)
Then its fucked
From feminize wiles and (be) guiles
And satin
Slippers (slip hers) fucking
Scones to stones
How remarkable (how) the
pavement changes
Color me embarrassed
Or maybe better yet
Every color of the rainbow
So I will not be ashamed
I will be
(I will be) no one
I will be no one
(no one) hit wonder

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