I want to be a superhero like saving the world
like a cape and a mask and a cool insignia
like a thousand printed kapows shebang thwacks

I want to be a superhero like did you see that
bird no it was a plane no it was some chick with blue hair
although my secret identity may not be so secret
super like super strength and super vision and the power—
to party.

I want to be a superhero like the one who does the saving
doesn’t need saving
only works for glory and maybe a headline here and there
superhero like a fortress of solitude high away from everyone
until they need saving again

Super like fighting sharks and robots and the city needs my help
Super like defending the innocents and orphans
super like an action figure that looks like me in molded plastic
super like the power—to move you.

super like a butler with witty repartee
super like morgan freeman doing all my voice-over work
super like the coolest cars to make the best getaways

super like explosions
super like you won’t see through this mask
super like I don’t need saving
super like mind control
I don’t need saving
I don’t need saving
believe me when I say that I’d rather strap on a cape and mask and fight forever
than admit I might  need saving

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