The Glassblower’s Daughter

I met a child
whose mother blew glass
and who understood the world
through sad eyes
and stains on her dress
She told me everything I needed to know
the life of an artist
and I thought maybe
maybe it would be alright to worry about car payments and batteries
if we lived in a hippie van
or always went barefoot to save money on shoes
I don’t know what I want,
that much is obvious
instead I’ll take a thousand dreams and cast them about like stones
towards the water and hope that the ripples meet
and I’ll get everything I want
because practically speaking great adventures are improbable
improbable but not impossible
in this day and age
it just takes an artist
to find the untouched places
and to dream bigger dreams that fill whole valleys
and are willing to cross oceans
and maybe mountains
and how I want adventure
Adventure capitalized to belie its deep significance
Adventure capitalized to capture all the dreams
I want to be the one to capitalize on adventure
And live for all of those moments that go by
So fast
Through the eyes of some child
That I found
Selling shiny baubles to a disinterested crowd

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