I had this great poem
This awesome poem
About holding hands in the movie theatre
And it was so awesome
It was full of really cool lines about hands
And palms
And fingers and the spaces in between
And it was a love poem, but it was subtle
Like hands brushing each other
Maybe accidentally in the dark
It was filled with imagery and metaphors
That sparkled like gay vampires in sunlight
And served to illustrate how entirely smitten I am
With you.
It was all goofy and indie and super nontraditional
And it was filled with awesome references and
Would totally appeal to the college circuit
I had this kick ass poem, about how every time you touch me
I’m awake and you can cut through the grey dull of my usual senses
And it was like, the best poem I’ve ever written
And we were sitting in the movie theatre
Maybe enjoying whatever we were watching
And so suddenly this poem just shows up
And you were sitting on my right
and I’m right handed
and I couldn’t find a pen
Or any paper
And even if I had
I’d had to of let go
So instead
I let the best poem I’ve ever written

4 Replies to “This AWESOME Poem”

  1. this is awesome.
    i am doing a poetry project for my high school literature class, where we need to bring in our favorite poem, and we are going to copy them and post the poems all over the school in a beatification attempt in light of national poetry month.
    i chose this one.

  2. wow this is so ballin’ and im hungry so im gonna eat some pie then go to the theatre and write my own poem, you know what im sayin. bye

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