Truth In Voices

The thing about voices is that after awhile
You get to know them
And you get to know all the grooves and all the layers
And so like that first time when I called you on the phone
Maybe you didn’t know that my voice was shaking
But later, I’d hear it in your voice
That it was a bad day
Or a drunk day
Or sometimes, even
Maybe a good day.
And then my voice would belie the smile
And I would go and lie with you
And everything would be better, for awhile.
But then, later, suddenly there was this
And I’d use every trick and every voice
And there would be this void
That even my loudest voice couldn’t fill
Maybe the echoes cut through
And you only heard the remnants
“you, you you” kept echoing back
But I wasn’t trying to say
That everything was about you
I was trying to say
I love you.
But the I and love got lost somewhere along the way
And so I trusted you to hear it in my voice
Even after all that time
Everything about you was new and so I never knew
What, exactly I was doing
When I would speak
Or listen,
Because the truth is your voice doesn’t matter so much

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