About Catie

Welcome to my site!1399424_733231132534_452854877_o

I got my start in photography completely by accident– as an entertainment manager at a casino, someone handed me a camera and asked me to take some photos. I fell in love, went out, bought a camera, and started taking pictures at every event I could. This helped me to develop my signature style. I like to say it’s predominately photojournalistic, but what I really mean is that I love to capture the little moments that make a big event (or day) memorable. My approach is to let things happen naturally and capture the emotions and the excitement of your event.

As you will see from my portfolio, I welcome non-traditional clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. My goal as your photographer are to make you feel welcome, encouraged and loved.

For portrait shoots, I love to get to know my clients beforehand– I always suggest meeting up for coffee (because who doesn’t love coffee) so I can get to know you and get a feel for the style and the feel you want for your baby, family, engagement or corporate portraits.

In my spare time, I also run a small costume and armory business. I couldn’t decide between being a photographer or a blacksmith. The struggle is truly real.

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