Pericles- Thaisa at Prenzie Players, Quad Cities IL

My favorite acting moment, however, came from Catie Osborn. There’s a point in the play where her character, Thaisa, confesses herlove for Pericles, and the performer was so heartfelt, so seemingly sincere, that I was moved to tears. Osborn manages to express an uncontainable inner joy, bubbling forth as she speaks of her love, and the emotion is beautiful in its believability.

Thom White, River Cities Reader, 17 November 2010


Two Gentlemen of Verona- Silvia at Prenzie Playesr, Quad Cities, IL

In Milan, both Valentine and Proteus fall for the spirited Silvia, played by a red-haired Catie Osborn. Unlike the other three impetuous main characters, the skeptical, good-hearted Silvia seems the only one with common sense. Ms. Osborn brings an unpretentious, down-to-earth honesty to the role. 
Jonathan Turner, Quad City Times

There are many standout performances, but the two that peak above the rest are Catie Osborn as Silvia […] Both Osborn and Lewis have the rare talent of making the Shakespeare script sound like casual conversation, with the little tics and pauses that go into the way we talk most of the time.
David Burke, Dispatch Argus


Titus Andronicus/Lavinia
Osborn’s silent expressions and mannerisms speak more than some actors can with a full script.

David Burke, Quad City Times, 3 April 2012







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