Running Our Luck.

Well, it happened, and really without much to-do. Saturday was our double run, and it went…actually, really well.

I think we all needed the speed-through as well, and, honestly, as ridiculous as things got, there were some fun and awesome moments that we are keeping. It’s kind of neat when being an idiot on purpose leads to finding some truth about your character. I also learned that Aaron does a terrifyingly accurate impression of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Jesus. That may have been my most favorite thing to happen at a speed-though, ever.

On Sunday, our company photographer came to take some stills of the show, and he gave me some really amazing feedback about my performance, so that was nice to hear. I also think I finally have the costume change down to a science, if not an art just yet.

I’m also covered in bruises. I’m kind of getting used to it, but I’ve got some really impressive ones after this weekend– including bite marks on my face. My chin and Andy’s teeth had a small run-in during one rehearsal, to the amusement of everyone else but me.

Our first “theatre emergency” occured on Saturday, when we discovered that our light board simply stopped working. Keep in mind that it’s been turned on twice in its entire existance, so having our brand-new board die suddenly was slightly disconcerting for me.

There is something lucky happening with this show. (Knock on wood). Everything is coming together well, and today, Jake sent me a picture of the lighting board his school uses with a note saying  “would this work?” …It’s the exact same board. Same make, model, everything. I don’t know what fates smiled on us today, but I am thanking them from the bottom of my heart about every 30 seconds.

We also spent a goodly amount of time finishing the space, and having it come together so well was a really great feeling. The set looks genuinely impressive. I’m really excited to work in the final project for the rest of the week.

Speaking of thanks, on Saturday, I was walking around the set to get ready to go on, and I saw a man in a mask with a dog standing off to the side. At first I was concerned that some random vagrant had wandered in from the District so I started to go get Jake, but this mysterious man suddenly waved at me and I realized that our visitors were Mike Carron and his dog, Bam-Bam. He was rocking a mask to protect his immune system from germs, but I do say he made it look quite dashing.

Mike had arrived to say hi and to deliver some cookies– and we also recieved the news that wonderful, wonderful Mike is now cancer-free. I. Was. Estatic. I don’t know what it was about seeing Mike or having him suprise us with a visit, but I was a hot mess for my opening scene– the one place where I don’t have to cry (much), I spent every ounce of energy trying not to burst into tears because I was just so happy that Mike is going to be okay.

I guess I figure that God owed me one for my dad, and I’m glad that I got to cash it in for Mike.

This week is going to be ridiculous. We’re working scenes tonight and then running Tuesday and Wednesday, and we have our first real audience for our first ever College Night on Thursday.

We also might be drastically changing some of the costuming, so I will win not one but TWO quick changes. Gotta love opening week.

Tonight, we dine in hell. Or at least rehearse there.

I just got off the phone with the (so very, very nice and funny) contractor who is in charge of construction at our theatre space, and he has informed me that the air conditioning should be functional by Friday! Hooray! I am very relieved that our patrons will be able to be comfortable while watching our show. Well, as comfortable as they can be, I suppose, granted the show they’re watching.

I stopped down there this morning to do some quick things and it. is. HOT. It’s actually hotter inside than out, which is interesting. It will be something of an acting challenge tonight, I think. Act, sweaty actor! Act!

However, the best part of today is that tonight we’re running in costumes for the first time. Kate, our wonderful costumer, has done an incredible job on a shoe-string budget creating an insane level of detail and authenticity to the world. It’s so strange– when I’ve gone downstairs to look at the costumes, I immediately understand the world that these characters live in, just by color and texture and feel. Jessica, who is playing Tamora, has some incredible custom-built pieces that rock my socks just seeing them on the hanger, so I am very excited to see them under the lights.

I also am running the “gore” for the first time tonight, and I am both nervous and excited. Excited because I think it’s really going to help me in a couple of the scenes that I’ve been struggling with, nervous because holy shit do I have a fast costume change with about 14 things to do. I want to do a behind-the-scenes-video of my costume change, just to see how ridiculous it must look from not my perspective.

I am a list person, so I have been working on the various lists I need hung in my changing area to keep me from going insane, and it seems like every item I come up with presents three more things I need to do before THAT particular thing can get done. This show is a strange beast.

I’m very excited to get an audience. Yesterday I had a group of 70 (SEVENTY) call and confirm, so that was an amazing feeling, and on top of that, there has been a lot of positive buzz about the show in general, so I am hoping it will be well attended.

Tonight, the biggest focus is going to be getting through that damn quick change and seeing how the show feels as a whole. I am so excited– I have four hours before I even need to get ready to go and I keep watching the clock like a kid on Christmas. As the Black Eyed Peas once wrote,  “I just have a really good feeling about tonight”.

Is it weird that I’m this excited to get blood all over me?