Welcome to my website for all things Catie.  Thanks for dropping by.

About me: I grew up in the Quad Cities region of Illinois (or Iowa, depending on what side of the river you’re from) and have since lived in England, Minnesota, and most recently, Virginia, where I am pursing my MFA in Shakespeare.

As a kid, I couldn’t decide what to be when I grew up, so instead, I just kept doing everything that interested me. Since then, I have gone on to become an internationally ranked slam poet, published playwright, director, Shakepearean actress, costume designer, photographer, graphic designer, lounge singer, social media engineer, comic book author, video game writer, pirate, superhero, blacksmith and chocolate chip cookie making champion. Nearly 98% of those are true.

No matter why you’re here, welcome!

**if you’re here about an armor and/or costume commission, check out www.twistedrivet.com— you’ll find all sorts of information about my armory there.**

I’d love to hear from you.

or call: (309) 738-8364